Friday, April 1, 2011

Mariah Carey Bakal Dapat Anak Kembar

korang minat tak dengan Mariah Carey?  masa mula-mula dia menyanyi aku minat juga dia sebab lagu 1st dia yang hit Vision Of Love tu memang best.  ohhh aku baru tau rupanya dia pregnant anak kembar dan dah tak lama lagi jer nak bersalin dalam bulan Mei.  kalau korang nak tau lebih details pasal pregnancy Mariah Carey ni boleh baca kat bawah ni.

Mariah Carey's Husband Reveals Due Date

Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon has revealed that the singer is due to give birth on 14th May 2011.

Mariah Carey, the American singer who is pregnant with twins, is due to give birth on 14th May 2011, according to her husband Nick Cannon who spoke to the Los Angeles Times. The 41-year-old was hospitalized at the weekend with contractions, but she is now resting at home. Actor and comedian Cannon said he panicked over the possible early arrival of the babies, saying, "They're calling it a scare, but really, it was just nerve-racking. We were in the hospital from 4 a.m. until I don't even know. The thing with twins is that you want them in their natural incubator as long as possible. They might be ready to come out, but we need them to stay in for a while". Cannon added that his wife is "super-ready" for the birth and confirmed that official due date as 14th May 2011. He also joked about the baby gifts that the couple have been receiving, saying, "We got so much stuff. ... There's all these giant stuffed animals, it looks like Noah's Arc in here".

Mariah Carey has been keeping fans updated on the progress of her pregnancy via her Twitter page. She tweeted about her hospital trip earlier this week, saying, "They almost came on 3/27- happy anniversary in deed!!! We have a few more weeks 2 go but- wow!!!".
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attyfir said...

beshnya dpt anak kembar.

Lina said...


tu lar best kan skali kuar 2 org prasan x kebelakangan ni ramai dpt twins cam dah jadi biasa dah...dulu2 kan jarang

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